7 Lessons from Words with Friends

I started playing Words with Friends early this year and I am grateful to the friend that introduced it to me. I play it daily, often with multiple games going on with various opponents simultaneously. For the uninitiated, Words with Friends is a crossword puzzle style game similar to scrabble. See https://company.zynga.com/games/words-friends. I love that I can play it at […]

Is time your friend or your foe?

How do you see time? Is time your enemy or your friend? Time and tide wait for no one I’m strapped for time Time flies Time just passed me by Time is money Time is the greatest healer

How seriously should we take health and safety… in the home?

Most of us are aware of Health and Safety issues in the work place. It is one area of legislation for which both employer and employee can easily be held liable. So, either for fear of litigation or a testimony to outright awkwardness, some actions have (or have not) been undertaken due to “Health and […]