Is that door really locked? Is there really no way through?

Is that barrier really fixed? Is there really no going through that gate? Is it a barrier or a gateway? Having taken an unscheduled but necessary break from blogging, the decision to pick it up again brought me great anticipation: which of the various ideas bubbling within me will make their way into the world at this time? The one theme that will not go away is that things are not always as they seem; and what may appear as a firmly locked door may actually be waiting for you to give it a little push. For instance, on a rainy morning recently, I dashed out of the house, altered my route partly because my usual route had delays. I was 10 minutes away from work when I realised I’d left my security pass at home. Now, like most modern office buildings, ours is large one, sprawled across multiple floors with multiple entry and exit points accessible only by the swiping of a pass. Getting into work without your pass means queueing up at Security to get a temporary one issued; then as my locker key was attached to my pass, I had to get somebody from Facilities to unlock my locker with a master key; and then I needed a special code to enable me use the printers. […]