Lessons from the Challenge

Dear Blossom So here we are, at the 30th blog over a period of 41 days – much more than I’ve ever done across a whole year of 365 days! I took a couple of breaks so it wasn’t all done in 30 consecutive days as I’d originally intended.  So what?  It’s my challenge that […]

Dealing with Judgement – Part 3: Who?

Dear Blossom Imagine being able to be the same person on the outside, as you are on the inside.  How free would you feel?  How much more at ease and very fulfilled?  How whole and complete would you become?

Dealing with Judgement – Part 2: How?

Dear Blossom Yesterday we were thinking about why we need to deal with judgement. A quick recap: living under a cloud of judgement stops us from doing what we really want to do, from saying what we really want to say and most importantly, it stops us from being fully and freely the person we […]

Dealing with Judgement – Part 1: Why?

Dear Blossom I just got off a Facebook Live broadcast where I was talking about the ‘whys’ of dealing with judgement.  Rather than go over it all again or try to transcribe it verbatim, here it is.

What has Confidence got to do with Community?

Dear Blossom I had a good time with my community of retreatants and retreat guides at the Crossroad Retreats last week. On my return, I’ve spent one day with my community of entrepreneurs. And another with my community of public speakers at Pony Express Speakers Club. And so, I still have communities on my mind, and the […]

Retreating at Crossroads

Dear Blossom According to Socrates, an unexamined life is not worth living.  What do you think?  When was the last time you took some time out to examine your life?  And if you have, what have you done as a result of that exercise? A few years ago, I went on a Crossroads Retreat for […]

More on Procrastination

Dear Blossom Continuing along my train of thought of yesterday… I woke up in the small hours this morning for a bathroom break and then couldn’t go back to sleep. The main reason was that I was very very thirsty. And I didn’t have water by my bedside as I usually try to have as that […]

Is It Really Procrastination?

Dear Blossom When we put off doing things that we say we want to do, and keep putting them off and beat ourselves around the head and call ourselves procrastinators, is it really about procrastination? Actually, is procrastination even a thing? It never ceases to fascinate me when I hear people describe themselves as procrastinators […]

I’ve Got Mindfulness on My Mind

Dear Blossom I have mindfulness on my mind tonight but find I can’t immediately see what it is I really want to say about it. Probably because I’ve gotten out of my regular daily 10-minute app-supported mindfulness meditation practice following the shock of my bereavement at the beginning of the summer. Makes me wonder (once […]