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Don’t Stop Believing!

Dear Blossom I woke up from a near nightmare this morning. ‘Near’ only because in the midst of the troubled waters where I found myself, help came from unexpected quarters. What a relief, to wake up and find it was just a dream… and in any case, deliverance did come in the nick of time. Phew! […]

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Celebrating Nigeria’s Independence… and Mine!

Dear Blossom Fifty – six years ago, Nigeria gained her status as an independent country: no longer a colony of Britain. Still a member of the Commonwealth, but as an independent nation, she can make her own decisions without any external control (at least not overtly direct external control!) Whether or not it does well or poorly, it’s her citizens right and duty to see that she prospers, that justice reigns and fairness is favoured. […]

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Dear Blossom What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare. I’ve got W H Davies poem, Leisure, on my mind this weekend, the first in the last 4 weeks where I’ve been fully home. And mostly chilled. I say ‘mostly’ because my mind still wanders to the ‘to do’ list which my body is too tired to begin to attempt and which my heart knows that can be tackled more efficiently once we’ve all had some good quality rest. So it’s been a relaxing and restful fest – catching up on recorded TV programmes, sleeping, eating and more sleeping, browsing social media and more sleeping and spending time with a couple of friends that visited yesterday. . . Writing to Blossom […]

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Post Workshop Musings…

Dear Blossom My workshop went so very well on Wednesday night! I haven’t had my celebration with Bridget Jones’s Baby yet – but that will happen. First, the turnout was a pleasant surprise. Being a free event, it is usually difficult to estimate how many will actually turn up on the night. Well, it was such that we had to go look for additional chairs for attendees and just about managed the space available! […]

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Time Out

Dear Blossom Another long day which this time involved travelling from one end of London on the tube to the other. It was a good meeting. And a long commute. That’s of course in addition to the normal day to day stuff (like having to deal with a broken washing machine and arrange a visit from the engineers; having unsolicited callers ring the door bell, sending Michael into a frenzy and taking delivery of the online shopping only to discover that about a third of the items have to go back. Yeah, normal stuff like that.) […]

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Butterflies of excitement and nerves

Dear Blossom In a couple of days, I’ll be running my Stop Being Lost – Rediscover Your Path workshop. And I’m trying to objectively look at what these increasing butterflies in my stomach are saying: are they squealing in excitement? Or are they whimpering with nervousness? I believe it’s both: excitement about all the fabulous things that would happen and nervousness about all the possible things that could go wrong. What I pay more attention to from now on will determine whether we have a great and successful event on Wednesday, or a pathetic and disastrous one. Writing to Blossom […]

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I just wanna scream!

Dear Blossom I’ve just closed a 2 paged document that I’ve been working on for the past couple of hours or so – without saving it. I just wanna scream! Good thing I’d printed it off for proofreading before going on the next step with it, so at least I don’t have to do all the thinking from scratch. All I need do is type it all up again. Still…. Re-typing it – though I will have to do that – isn’t great fun. Writing to you is, so I’ve given myself a break to catch my breath, rewind, unwind and see what I can share with you about this. Writing to Blossom I am quite pleased with my reaction. All I did was say ‘arrgghhh’ or some sound like that rather loudly. And had my hands rolled into fists of their own accord. When, after a few minutes I still had an urge to scream some more, I thought, why not scream it all out here? What I didn’t do was call myself names. […]

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Broken Sat Nav …Internal Light

Dear Blossom It was lovely for an open day visit to the University of Sussex today – dry, warm with a light breeze, bright and just pleasant. I liked the feel of the place, the staff and students we came across; my son was happy with what he heard at the lectures and presentations; and what he saw on the tours. The cafeteria could have been clearer and less chaotic but that is a minor matter. […]

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Changing Seasons – Empty Nests 1

Dear Blossom It's a very short one to you today. Writing to Blossom A very busy week has ended with a very long day today: I went along with my eldest as she returned to University in West Malvern, Worcestershire. It was a long drive from London. For the second time in as [...]

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The Power of Associations

Dear Blossom Today, it’s all about my best friend: the totally accepting, unconditionally loving and ever-ready-to-play Michael. I’ve got so much to say about Michael, it’s difficult to know where to start. What about the way he looks at me so intensely when I’m eating? I’m pretty sure he prays for my food to drop for very often his prayers get answered and he gets the piece before it hits the floor! Writing to Blossom […]

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