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How Do You Handle that Voice in Your Head?

Dear Blossom What do you do when that sneering little voice in your head tries to drown you with moans and groans and questions to which you have no answers? Sometimes it’s laughing, sometimes it’s whining, all the time it’s trying to undermine your best intentions and to stop you in your tracks towards somewhere positive that your really want to go. I guess there are many different ways of dealing with it. But they all broadly come under: resistance and acceptance. . […]

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Dissolving the Chokehold of Overwhelm

Dear Blossom I was very nearly going to skip writing you today simply because of a chokehold of overwhelm. Writing to Blossom I woke up too early today – which isn’t entirely new – and was too tired to go back to sleep. I wasn’t in the mood to play WordsWithFriends (my usual go-to activity when insomnia strikes). After tossing and turning for a bit I thought why not get up and tackle some tasks…and make good use of my wakefulness. And that’s when it hit: that massive sense of overwhelm, that feeling of having so much to do with so little time and energy with which to to do them. . . […]

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To Plan or Not to Plan?

Dear Blossom So. What do you think? To plan or not to plan? What’s the point planning if life would only get in the way and toss your well laid plans in disarray? Ok, let me back up a moment here: I had plans for this summer. Well-thought-out plans…not a hundred per cent in ink, mind you, some were still very much in pencil. But, I had plans: these included my mum visiting the UK to spend some good quality time with me and my kids over here. I had dreams also, of things we could do, places we could go, even skills we could share – (well, more of me having another go at learning to knit which I couldn’t quite manage as a child. I thought that as I was now older, wiser and more patient I could better manage my frustrations when I dropped the stitches!). Writing to Blossom […]

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I’m writing to you today because…

Dear Blossom I’m writing to you today because I’ve been wanting to write for so long, I’ve even started a few times… Lately, it’s been so very difficult … it feels like I’m just writing in a vacuum. I start but don’t finish. I have ideas for blogs and stories and only follow up on a fraction of them, and complete only even tinier bits of those… Fragments of unfinished poems litter my notepads, and so much more stuff float around in my head… […]

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Stop Being Lost – Rediscover Your Path

Dear Friend As it was my birthday, I couldn’t help getting in touch with you. A few years ago, the thought of an approaching birthday filled me with all kinds of dread and negative self-talk…and although I would usually be ok on the day, there was often that nagging feeling that I’d wasted my life (or at least a huge part of it) and /or that time was running out etc etc […]

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Sleepwalking Through the Journey of Life

Travelling into London Holborn recently, I got on the train at Newbury Park and saw this gentleman stretched out on his back across 4 seats: hoodie up, arms across his chest, and, fast asleep. I watched him and wondered what his story was…is. I watched him each time the train stopped at a station and he didn’t stir. I wondered how he would know when he arrived at his destination…whether he even had a destination …whether it mattered to him at all one way or other. […]

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