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⁉️ Are you struggling with loneliness and isolation- probably because of your profession? ⁉️ Do you find that you are often ‘looking after’ friends and family and don’t feel comfortable sharing your own struggles with them? ⁉️ What issues are blocking your vision, stopping you from moving forward or being your best and keeping you stuck and frustrated?

12 steps to rebuild your life after domestic abuse

First published on Life Coach Directory: https://www.lifecoach-directory.org.uk/memberarticles/12-steps-to-rebuild-your-life-after-domestic-abuse Survivors of domestic abuse can find themselves in a weird space: some have described it as a limbo, others as a no-man’s land, stuck in an unending stretch of grey.  Some have felt like they are lost in wilderness of confusion, uncertainty and doubt. The situation is that […]

5 reasons you’re still trapped after domestic abuse

First published on Counselling Directory: https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/memberarticles/5-reasons-youre-still-trapped-after-domestic-abuse One of my pet peeves in any discussion on the subject of domestic abuse is the question: “Why doesn’t *she leave?”  It’s extremely invalidating when the question is asked directly of the victim/survivor by those to whom she turns to for support.  Indeed, it can be devastating.  It can […]