How to Breakthrough with Confidence

Dear Blossom The Confidence Breakthrough seminar was the place to be in London over this weekend (5th and 6th Nov). Attendees experienced massive shifts as in their confidence issues. Convened by Elliot Kay of Strategic Brilliance Services and partly sponsored by Pony Express Speaker Training Ltd., seven speakers led workshops on the seven-step process for increasing the confidence quotient in every aspect of life. […]

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Lessons from the Challenge

Dear Blossom So here we are, at the 30th blog over a period of 41 days – much more than I’ve ever done across a whole year of 365 days! I took a couple of breaks so it wasn’t all done in 30 consecutive days as I’d originally intended.  So what?  It’s my challenge that I set for myself so I am free to tweak it as necessary. And therein lies the first lesson: I come across too many people who allow themselves to be tied quite tightly by their own goals such that rather than being a help, those goals become a hindrance. […]

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Missing my Mum

Dear Blossom This wasn’t my planned topic for today. Writing to Blossom […]

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Dealing with Judgement – Part 3: Who?

Dear Blossom Imagine being able to be the same person on the outside, as you are on the inside.  How free would you feel?  How much more at ease and very fulfilled?  How whole and complete would you become? […]

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Dealing with Judgement – Part 2: How?

Dear Blossom Yesterday we were thinking about why we need to deal with judgement. A quick recap: living under a cloud of judgement stops us from doing what we really want to do, from saying what we really want to say and most importantly, it stops us from being fully and freely the person we truly are.  And this severely erodes our self-confidence, our feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, leading into a downward spiral into a stuck state. […]

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Dealing with Judgement – Part 1: Why?

Dear Blossom I just got off a Facebook Live broadcast where I was talking about the ‘whys’ of dealing with judgement.  Rather than go over it all again or try to transcribe it verbatim, here it is. […]

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