Is It Really Procrastination?

Dear Blossom When we put off doing things that we say we want to do, and keep putting them off and beat ourselves around the head and call ourselves procrastinators, is it really about procrastination? Actually, is procrastination even a thing? Writing to Blossom It never ceases to fascinate me when I hear people describe themselves as procrastinators and how that once they could stop procrastinating, they would achieve all the goals they have set themselves and therefore they would become satisfied, fulfilled, happy or whatever positive emotion they desire as their final outcome. (Never mind those who say they procrastinate too much to even set goals in the first place!) […]

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I’ve Got Mindfulness on My Mind

Dear Blossom I have mindfulness on my mind tonight but find I can’t immediately see what it is I really want to say about it. Probably because I’ve gotten out of my regular daily 10-minute app-supported mindfulness meditation practice following the shock of my bereavement at the beginning of the summer. Makes me wonder (once again) how come it’s so easy to pick up bad habits (that we may have worked very hard to lay aside) and it’s so difficult to pick up good habits that we know are good for us, after any sort of break from them. […]

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When Did You Last Enjoy Who You Are?

When did you last enjoy who you are? When did you really get pleasure from who you are? Still chewing over Claire Anstey’s challenge as shared at StoryHouse.Rocks Live that I told you about yesterday, I keep coming back to this question: when did you last enjoy who you are? […]

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Expressing Yourself Mask-Free

Dear Blossom About a couple of weeks ago I was at the StoryHouse.Rocks live event titled Leave Your Mask at the Stage Door. It was an evening of inspiration, encouragement to self-expression and a challenge to self-express authentically. […]

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Express Yourself

Dear Blossom I love Strictly Come Dancing. For the uninitiated, it’s the BBC’s reality TV show where celebrities who don’t usually dance are paired with professional dance partners for a dancing competition that will go on till the run up to Christmas. Others would say it’s the answer to the X-Factor, the ITV’s reality TV show that seeks to produce pop stars over the same period. […]

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Strengths? What Strengths?

Dear Blossom It’s amazing – and sad – the number of people I come across who are much more aware of their weaknesses than they are of their strengths. And what’s more, when encouraged to look at their strengths as well as their weaknesses, I get a variation of “what strengths?” It is sad to hear it when somebody feels so overwhelmed by all they are supposedly doing wrong, or all things they ought to be doing and are allegedly not doing or not doing enough of. And yet, when what they are doing very well is flagged up, these are dismissed as something anyone else could easily accomplish. Even though that’s not necessarily the case. And even if it were, it still is vital, positive work and you ought to still claim credit for it. […]

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