Hurt Needs to be Spoken and Heard…

Is emotional distress keeping you up at night?

Are you struggling with low self-esteemconfusion, depression, anxiety, stress and/or anger issues that are blocking your vision and stopping you from moving forward or being your best??

Do you need support with recovery from the impact of domestic abuse?

Have you experienced trauma, displacement, loss or bereavement?

What about isolation following estrangement from family, friends and/or community?

Are you experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress?

How are you coping with it all?

When we don’t speak or communicate our hurts and difficult experiences; when these are not heard, understood and witnessed; when we push down our painful emotions and window dress our lives; when we suffer in silence or act out inappropriately: we find ourselves struggling with mental health challenges that manifest differently for different people.

I work with my clients to work through the mental/emotional blocks keeping them stuck and distressed.

I also work with couples or adult family members whose relationship is in crisis or those wanting to enhance the quality of their relationship.

I offer you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental and healing relationship to enable you explore, express, detangle, decongest and discover your way out of stuckness into growth, movement and recovery.  There would be no pressure of ‘tangible’ goal-setting, except if that is what you want – then I’d be very happy to support you with that also.

Contact me for details of my current availability.  We’ll schedule an initial telephone consultation to determine that this is right for you, and that we are a ‘good fit’ before we start the counselling work.

I run my  face-to-face-in-person counselling sessions from my home practice in Newbury Park, Ilford, Essex, in the London Borough of Redbridge (IG2).

I also offer counselling by emailtelephone or video-conferencing according to your preference.  Just ask.

I’d love to be help you deal with the mental/emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck and distressed.

I’ll be offering you active listening with the objectives of helping you see your situation more clearly along with whatever alternative perspectives might be possible and helping you take responsibility for your own life, all of which will empower you to make your own decisions.

My training specialism is integrative.  This means I can work flexibly, drawing on different approaches according to your preferences. I offer general talking therapies and counselling as well as REWIND, a specific technique which helps with recovery from post traumatic stress.

In our sessions, you will feel seen and heard because we would work in ways that best suit you.

If you would like to also work on practical goals such as life or career choices, as a qualified life coach, I am well placed to work with you there also.

If any of this will useful to you, get in touch with me whenever you’re ready.