The Women’s One

  • Are you a woman who has experience domestic abuse and/or intimate partner violence?
  • Have you walked away from one abusive relationship only to end up in another?
  • Do you wish to stop the cycle from repeating itself? 
  • Or perhaps its only happened once and you want to ensure you’re never ‘hooked’ again?

Then this online therapeutic book club is for you!  Based on Beauty’s Story, it will provide a space for you to explore the insidious nature of domestic violence, and to work through some of the issues that might arise for you in the process.

Why a book club?

  • To break the silence around domestic abuse
  • To offer a community to facilitate healing, growth and prevention
  • So you know you are not alone.  A common experience for victims and survivors is a feeling of isolation/alienation/loss of community
  • So you can learn to be yourself in community, speaking/listening/doing/being you, not a version of you that somebody else demands of you

Why Beauty’s Story?

  • So we can safely look at an issue that can be very difficult to talk about using a fictional account
  • Sometimes it’s just easier to be one step removed… we sometimes see clearer/learn better/absorb more when we are not directly emotionally involved
  • So that we can feel free to share of our own experiences and/or fears whenever we are ready
  • Plus, it’s a good story (even if I say so myself! 😊)

Learning objectives:

By the end of the programme, you will:

  1. Have a greater understanding of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence
  2. Have a greater understanding of how domestic abuse works
  3. Have some insight into how you got ‘hooked’ (if you got hooked) or how you potentially could get ‘hooked’
  4. Have some ideas on how you can begin /or continue to ‘untangle’ yourself from the impact of domestic abuse
  5. Have some ideas on how you can break (or prevent) the pattern of abusive relationships repeating  in your life
  6. Go away with some concrete hope that there can be a rich, fulfilling life after the trauma of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence

What else?

Actually, the book isn’t the issue.  Beauty’s Story is simply the vehicle through which we explore the dynamics of domestic abuse in a way that feels relatively easier to handle.

*** The main aim of this programme is

to accelerate your journey of

internal freedom


Domestic Abuse

by helping you understand it better***

The group is deliberately kept small and so will comprise a maximum of 12 women. We will meet online every Tuesday evening for six weeks. (Contact me for the next start date.)

The fee of *£375.00 includes a signed copy of Beauty’s Story and a bonus one-2-one session with me.

*I’m happy to negotiate a concessionary rate so this is accessible to anyone who needs it. Just ask!

Reach out for a telephone consultation as a first step, and to explore whether this is right for you at this time. 

Please note: the aim is for this Women’s only therapeutic book club to run for up 3 times a year. 

And, there will be something along for the menfolk soon. Keep checking back for updates or send me an email to indicate your interest and I will contact you once the programme and dates are finalised.