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What would Jesus do about Coercive Control?

The season of joy is here: church bells are ringing, choirs are singing, gifts are being given. There are trees, lights, tinsels, mince pies, mulled wine and more. In the frenzy of festivities, it is easy to overlook the often ‘invisible’ plight of the woman in an abusive relationship. She’d most likely overlook it herself, perhaps being unaware that she is really being abused; perhaps thinking that she could get it ‘right’ this time, and, for once, Christmas would truly be happy for her and her kids when the doors are shut after the guests have all gone home….And many a guest would choose to believe the dress rehearsal of bliss that they see over the suspicious signs of fear and a change in character in their loved one who is being abused . . . even if she drops a hint, or dares to confide that things are not as pretty as they seem… Therein lies one of the most difficult challenges of combatting domestic abuse. The silence.  […]

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Why Speaking Your Truth from Your Heart is so Vital!

Do you sometimes speak (or write) and find you are surprised by the things that you say? This is probably what the Christian bible means when it says, "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."  There are times when a person might get into trouble with their friends/family/colleagues due to what is [...]

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How seriously should we take health and safety… in the home?

Most of us are aware of Health and Safety issues in the work place. It is one area of legislation for which both employer and employee can easily be held liable. So, either for fear of litigation or a testimony to outright awkwardness, some actions have (or have not) been undertaken due to “Health and Safety” policies and procedures. Some of these are understandable. Some make us groan and shake our heads in disbelief. For instance, there was a reported case of a school banning students from pushing their fellow student  in a wheelchair as they had not received appropriate training. […]

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