Beauty knows ‘the every imperfection’ of her face. Will she ever know the joys of motherhood? Of marital bliss? How are her relationships? Will she ever take pride in her own self?

Theo is committed to his work. And knows that the love of his life understands this. Does she? Does he see her? Really? What about himself – does he see the incongruity between his public and private lives?
Melody struggles with guilt… and grief… and wanting to do the right thing, and ends up with more questions than answers, like is it always right to do the right thing?


Caught up pretty young in the complexities of existence, Ashleigh gleans an insight into why she’s so ‘messed up’ towards the end. Or at least she thinks so anyway.

Two sisters. One husband. One child. These four tell one story of loss, love, betrayal and awareness in a tale that takes the reader from East London to Southern Nigeria and back again… stumbling over various elements of abuse, deception, depression and despair along the way.

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