Tips on Living Free – Evita, the Legacy of Eva Peron

How would you like yours to be a story of survival and triumph that transcends into immortality? I went to see Evita the musical with a dear friend recently.  To chill, hang out and catch up.  Not to look for lessons!  […]

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7 Lessons from Words with Friends

I started playing Words with Friends early this year and I am grateful to the friend that introduced it to me. I play it daily, often with multiple games going on with various opponents simultaneously. For the uninitiated, Words with Friends is a crossword puzzle style game similar to scrabble. See https://company.zynga.com/games/words-friends. I love that I can play it at my convenience, making one or two moves before moving on to something more ‘serious’ on my schedule. I love that I can step away from ‘serious’ stuff and have fun with my fellow Words with Friends players. […]

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