Dear Blossom

It’s a very short one to you today.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

A very busy week has ended with a very long day today: I went along with my eldest as she returned to University in West Malvern, Worcestershire. It was a long drive from London. For the second time in as many years, she drove herself and her stuff to her campus while I sat in the passenger’s seat beside her (talk about changing seasons: not too long ago I was still driving all 3 of them to various places for various activities).

Tomorrow, I’m off with my youngest to attend an Open Day at the University of Sussex. It’s going to be another very long day, not just with travelling there and back but also the tours, lectures, exhibitions and more. So, you see why I need to go to bed early tonight?

Last week my second one returned to Oxford, where she’s on placement for one year, as part of her degree programme.

This time next year, all being well, all 3 will be in Uni, coming home only for holidays (if they so choose – I hope they so choose!).

You see why I’ve got changing seasons on my mind? The emptying of the nest is a major change. I first felt its massive impact at about this time last year. I will share with you my experiences, thoughts and feelings around it… on another day.

For now, I must wind down, get some rest and be ready for more mum duties tomorrow!