Dear Blossom

Yesterday we were thinking about why we need to deal with judgement. A quick recap: living under a cloud of judgement stops us from doing what we really want to do, from saying what we really want to say and most importantly, it stops us from being fully and freely the person we truly are.  And this severely erodes our self-confidence, our feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, leading into a downward spiral into a stuck state.

So, what to do about it?  It’s easy to say ‘get over it’ (and/or ‘get a dog’ lol!), but really, in practical terms, how can we deal with the judgement in our lives which would free us up to accept ourselves, love ourselves and receive love from others, increasing our confidence quotient in the process?

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

Well, it is a process which can be summarised in the following 7 steps:

  1. Mind mastery: by understanding how your mind works and mastering your thinking, you begin the process of dealing with judgement
  2. Acceptance: this is as complex as it is simple – by accepting that judgement is an integral part of the human existence; by looking at it through other perspectives, you will be better placed to accept yourself as you are as well as the person you desire to grow to become; you will be better placed to love yourself and accept love, compliments and support from others.
  3. Defining success: if you don’t know what success means to you, how can you realistically assess your level of success in any given area of your life? Are you kicking yourself for not meeting others’ standards or definitions of success for you?
  4. Dealing with your insecurities: for as long as you remain insecure in yourself; as long as you remain a stranger to your true self and your true desires, you will always rate yourself as ‘less than’ and listen to those who concur that you are indeed deficient.
  5. What is important to you?  If you don’t order your life according to what is important to you but spend your time and energy trying to please others who have different priorities to you, then again you will be feeding into the ‘less than’ and ‘not good enough’ voices…
  6. Knowing that ‘it’s not about you!’  If you would recognise that there is more to your life than you, if you would find that cause that is important to you and commit to it, you will soon find the strength, motivation and inspiration to care less about what others say in judgement – which means you will be less judgemental of yourself also as you plough yourself into something that is bigger than you, something that is of service to others.  We have all been called to something bigger than our individual selves.  We just need to seek out what it is in every season of our lives and live it out accordingly.
  7. Owning your identity.  As you go through all of the above steps, you will find it easier to know and own your true identity; walking confidently in it where you are… on the way to where you aspire to be…

As I’ve said already, this is a process.  It could take a whole life time to learn and walk this process.  With the right tools and support however, the duration can be drastically reduced.  This is what we are planning for you at the Confidence Breakthrough on 5th and 6th November.  We will go through all of those steps with you experientially.  It’s not another seminar where you will take notes and forget about them once you get home.  You will be working the process practically in each of the workshop sessions: you will experience your confidence breakthrough.  If not, we are happy to refund your ticket while you keep your bonuses for signing up.

So, what have you got to lose?  Click here for further information and to purchase your tickets.

Remember, you do not have to struggle through life alone.  You are part of something bigger.  Take your place and accept this opportunity to deal with the judgement in your life so that you can walk confidently into your purpose and destiny.