Dear Blossom

About a couple of weeks ago I was at the StoryHouse.Rocks live event titled Leave Your Mask at the Stage Door. It was an evening of inspiration, encouragement to self-expression and a challenge to self-express authentically.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

In thinking about Express Yourself that I shared with you yesterday, it felt right to encourage and challenge you along similar lines: that having made the decision to express yourself, that you practice doing so as authentically as possible. It will feel strange – most new ventures do. Only with practice will it become familiar.

The truth is, the more we give in to fear, the more we cover up ourselves and our truths and keep ourselves in bondage. Conversely, the more we choose to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ the more freedom we would experience, the more confident we would become, the better we would feel about ourselves and the more we would be in a position to walk in our calling and find satisfaction and fulfilment in our lives. So, why not start today how you mean to go on?

I’m sharing this clip with you with the kind permission of Yvette Puliga, founder of StoryHouse.Rocks, and Claire Anstey who shared her story, and challenged us all to love ourselves enough to stand bare, in our truths: simply because we are enough, just as we are. Enjoy!

Claire Anstey: Leave Your Mask At The Stage Door