Dear Blossom

It’s amazing how the outdoors gives one a fresh perspective. I find it fascinating  how engaging with nature, just going for a walk, can clear the cobwebs from one’s head.  This thought came to mind the other day, which started out rather groggy for me – what with having so much to sift through and just generally feeling ‘meh’.  I went for a walk – it was cold, crisp and clear – and came back home with the reminder that:

“If you’re doing something, and it’s not giving you the results you want, do something different.”

Simple, right?  Yet, how often do we carry on doing the same things as we’ve always done while hoping for a different outcome?   I still do it sometimes … I need to be watchful so as not to get stuck in it. . . and this is the reminder I got that day and which I’m sharing with you today.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

This is because I come across a lot of people who are not happy with something or the other in their lives – in their business or career or relationships or something, but you’re doing the same thing over, and over, and over again and you’re wanting a different result?  Well, apparently, that is the definition of insanity. You’re doing the same thing over and over again, and you want a different result?  No, it’s not going to happen.

However, if you want a different result, then must do something different. If you want a different outcome, change your actions. Make a decision. Make a choice to do something different.

Sometimes, we act as if we don’t have a choice. For instance, we may have intended to exercise as part of our wellness regime. And then, it rains, and that’s the end of exercising on that day. Well, there are options. If you’d planned to exercise and it rained, and you really truly wanted to exercise, what else could you have done to make sure you got your exercise?

When we act as if we have no choice, we then forget we have a choice. When we forget that we have a choice, we go through life as though we were at the mercy of everything and everyone – what a disempowered state to be in!

When we recognise that we do have a choice and act like it, we could do something different to affect our outcomes. Yes, there are some circumstances we don’t have control over, like the weather for instance. Still, we’ve got a choice in how we respond to the weather – and those circumstances in life that we have no control over.

On the whole, what keeps us stuck is refusing or neglecting to take the actions that we can take to bring about the outcomes that we desire, in the areas over which we have control.

Remember then, that if you want a change, you first must make a change.

What changes are you going to begin in your life today?