Dear Blossom

So here we are, at the 30th blog over a period of 41 days – much more than I’ve ever done across a whole year of 365 days!

I took a couple of breaks so it wasn’t all done in 30 consecutive days as I’d originally intended.  So what?  It’s my challenge that I set for myself so I am free to tweak it as necessary. And therein lies the first lesson: I come across too many people who allow themselves to be tied quite tightly by their own goals such that rather than being a help, those goals become a hindrance.

And there are others who wouldn’t set goals or have outcomes in mind for fear of missing them or being bound by them, thus throwing away the baby with the bath water.   My word for you is: be committed to your goals and don’t be bound by them!

Secondly, the power of  intention, especially expressed out loud (either verbally or in writing).  If I had stated this intention in my head only, the chances of my doing more blogging in my head than actually out here would have been much higher.  By sharing it with you, I got it out of my head into the real world; and I held myself accountable for what I’d said I would do; plus I received support and encouragement from you, which has also kept me going, especially through those times when it was pretty tough to keep to the schedule.  So thank you, for the messages  and support on here, on social media and off line.  I certainly haven’t been travelling alone!

And finally,  if we don’t do something new, if we don’t take fresh steps, if we are  not open to continuous learning and keep moving forwards, we end up standing still which ultimately translates into going backwards… S0, my challenge to you is: why not set yourself a challenge that is just outside your comfort zone?  Stretch yourself. Grow. And encourage others in the process.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

I wanted to write from my heart to yours, and that’s what I’ve been doing. That is what I will keep doing… not daily anymore, but weekly. And I have shown to myself that if I can do 30 blogs in 41 days, I can do at least one every week, making a total of at least 52 in 365 days!

Finally, I’ve started a 28-day live streaming challenge.  I took my first baby steps on Facebook Live last Friday.  What started out as very strange for me is increasingly becoming very familiar and great fun!  I will be continuing on there and intermittently mixing it up with broadcasting live on Periscope from tomorrow.

Follow me on Periscope@RitaEdah.  And stay tuned!

Do let me know how you are getting on with your own challenge – I’m rooting for you!