Dear Friend

As it was my birthday, I couldn’t help getting in touch with you.

A few years ago, the thought of an approaching birthday filled me with all kinds of dread and negative self-talk…and although I would usually be ok on the day, there was often that nagging feeling that I’d wasted my life (or at least a huge part of it) and /or that time was running out etc etc

This year was different. I’ve felt good. I actually began to feel fab about my birthdays again from last year. I’m pleased to see that it’s continued. And you’ve been part of the reason for this. So thank you for having been a part of my life, for adding to the colour, the texture and the right temperature…

And thank you for continuing to be a part of my life – whether directly or indirectly. And for sharing the news of my work with your friends, contacts and anyone who you think might benefit from it.

On Wednesday 28th September, I’m hosting a workshop about rediscovering your path.  It’s in Central London.  It’d be an adventure. And it’s free.

Come along if you can – book your place using the link below:

… and certainly do spread the word – thank you!

My final word to you today is to remember that you have the gift of choice… feel free to use it!

Yours truly