Dear Blossom

I had a good time with my community of retreatants and retreat guides at the Crossroad Retreats last week.

On my return, I’ve spent one day with my community of entrepreneurs. And another with my community of public speakers at Pony Express Speakers Club.

And so, I still have communities on my mind, and the role confidence plays in this arena. 

What is it about being with others that is so powerful?  Well, we are wired for connections and interactions, irrespective of what paths we might be travelling on.  Of course we do need to be and remain ourselves while interacting and connecting with others, but living a life of isolation, or even feeling that we are in isolation can be detrimental to our mental health and well being.  By interacting with and connecting with others in healthy and positive ways, by supporting others and receiving support also, we grow more rounded and more robust as human beings – not ‘human doings’ or human robots…

At an instinctive level, we know this.  This is why, often, we grow up and find we are part of communities and strive to remain in those communities  irrespective of whether they are healthy or dysfunctional. These could range from a group of school friends to social organisations where we pay membership subscriptions for instance;  they could range from religious organisations and hobby groups to business associations and more…

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

Sometimes we might spend a lot of time and energy trying to get a community to understand us, to accept us for who we are, to approve of us and/or our actions and/or decisions and when they don’t, the rejection and abandonment we experience can often feel like a life sentence.

Therefore, to avoid that pain of ostracisation, we go against our better judgement and remain in communities that drain, rather than nourish; that deplete rather than sustain; that disempower rather than empower…

So, what has confidence got to do with this?  Everything!

First, with confidence in ourselves and our self-worth; with a healthy sense of self-esteem which self-confidence feeds, we can decide whether or not we want to remain in dysfunctional communities.  It is one thing to decide to remain in a toxic place for whatever reason; it’s another to feel as though you have no choice.  With confidence, you will know that you have a choice.  Always.

Secondly, with a good dose of confidence, we can decide to seek out and be part of communities that are healing, empowering, nurturing.

And we will find that we can increasingly be ourselves, accepting ourselves as we are right now… on the way to where we are going…

We will learn to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable as we negotiate the challenges that we will inevitably have to encounter on our way to the next step in our journey of life – because we have cheerleaders in our community, looking out for us, cheering us on, believing in us even when as humans we have the inevitable wobble from time to time;  and of course, we’d doing the same for them: because they are one of us, their success is ours as well!

So. You do not have to travel through life alone.  And you don’t need to feel that you have to remain tied to dysfunctional communities.

If you need to breakthrough your confidence issues to get out of draining communities and/or toxic relationships; if you need to breakthrough your confidence issues to get you to your healing and empowering relationships, first with yourself and then with others; if you need to breakthrough your confidence issues to deliberately choose the communities you want to invest your time and resources in, then the Confidence Breakthrough seminar is the place for you to be on the 5th and 6th of November.

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Remember, you always have a choice:

You can choose what to do with your time and resources.  You can choose who to hang out with.  And you can choose to share your thoughts on confidence and communities!