Dear Blossom

There’s something about the autumn sun: it can be so bright that I forget how cold it actually is. The cold is something that could easily stop me from walking Michael. Today is one of those days when it could have. Only because I’d underestimated how cold it really is, and so wasn’t adequately wrapped.

It hit me when I opened the front door. Did I want to go back inside and get an additional layer? Not really. Plus, he was chomping at the bit, eager to get going and I had a full schedule for the day. So we hit the road.

Two minutes into the walk, I confessed to myself that if I didn’t wrap up warmer, this activity would be over in another 2 minutes max: making it a 4-minute walk out of a possible 60. Not the best deal for my best friend. So we went back home for my additional layer and I enjoyed the rest of our walk together, feeling the breeze against my cheeks, listening to the howling of the wind as it rustled through the autumnal branches, enjoying the smells of the freshly cut grass out in the park.

And thinking about the fact that I am now midway into my 30-day blog challenge and feeling very chuffed with myself (thank you for being with me!) This is an example of the satisfaction that comes about on the way to achieving a set goal!

Still thinking along the theme of yesterday’s post, Don’t Stop Believing, I ask you, what’s stopping you from stepping out into that place that you really want to be in your personal and/or professional life?

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

Come to think of it, what used to stop me?

There are many reasons why we may lose our self-belief, which in turn leads to a loss of our self-confidence. These can easily be summed up into one phrase: ‘life’s experiences.’ In reality, it is more of how we interpret life’s experiences and how we relate with the thoughts and emotions that arise as a result of those experiences that impact our belief and confidence.

So, what used to stop me? A simple four letter word: fear! Fear of what might happen or not happen, fear of what other(s) might say or not say, might think or not think, might do or not do… Fear, and most importantly, how I managed my relationship with its various shades and colours, was what used to stop me.

The good news is that I have now learnt how to manage my relationship with fear in a way that is empowering to me. To use the clichéd but very apt phrase, I have learnt to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

And the great news is that I am in a position to share with you face-to-face at the Confidence Breakthrough seminar on 5th and 6th November. I will be one of seven speakers sharing seven steps to living your life confidently and free of fear. And I will be there throughout the weekend, continuing to invest in my own personal and professional development, preparing myself for the next level of barriers that I will smash on my way to achieving the next significant goals I’m dreaming up for myself.

Don't hold back: Get confident!

Sometimes, we act helpless, as if life just happens to us. True, life happens. Sometimes. However, we have ample opportunities to act in our own behalf, to learn, to practice helpful tools, to connect in healthy environments, to invest in ourselves and in our wellbeing. Here is an opportunity to do just that.

What’s more, there’s a special speaker’s 50% discounted tickets (limited availability on a first come first served basis). To take advantage of this offer, click on the Confidence Breakthrough.
Then click on: Reserve My Tickets
Click on: Tickets (enter the number you require – remember to invite a friend!)
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Then enter: RitaDisc
Then click on: Apply Code

I look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re outside London, why not make a weekend of it? Take some time out to really focus on developing yourself!

Here’s an opportunity for you to step out of self-doubt and fear into self-belief and confidence. Don’t let anything hold you back!