Dear Blossom

I was very nearly going to skip writing you today simply because of a chokehold of overwhelm.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

I woke up too early today – which isn’t entirely new – and was too tired to go back to sleep. I wasn’t in the mood to play WordsWithFriends (my usual go-to activity when insomnia strikes). After tossing and turning for a bit I thought why not get up and tackle some tasks…and make good use of my wakefulness. And that’s when it hit: that massive sense of overwhelm, that feeling of having so much to do with so little time and energy with which to to do them. . .

I have devised some strategies that usually help when I remember to employ them. I eventually did remember this morning and took the following steps:

1. I reminded myself that I have all the time, energy and resources to do the things I need to do
2. and that it’s my schedule, I can readjust some of it at least, to allow myself more breathing space if I wanted
3. I set up a simple spreadsheet and got stuff out of my head onto the pc (notepads have worked in the past), listing and then prioritising everything that needed doing and when by, and what options were available to me for support
4. I sent an OMG text message to a dear friend. As it was early in the morning I didn’t expect her to see it or to do anything about it immediately. I just wanted to get the screaming out of my head, and to connect with another human being at that point in time.

The great thing is not only did it help me begin to breath easy again, part of her reply was, “military precision is required!” Of course. Validating action 3. And we went toing and froing all day, exploring ideas and concretising plans.

By close of play today, that chokehold of overwhelm that I woke up with had dissolved. Not necessarily for ever… But, if it decides turn up again tomorrow, I’ll be here, waiting to welcome it; knowing that as I have overwhelmed it in the past and I have overwhelmed it in the present, I will certainly overwhelm it in the future.

So. Bring it on!