Dear Blossom

My workshop went so very well on Wednesday night! I haven’t had my celebration with Bridget Jones’s Baby yet – but that will happen.

First, the turnout was a pleasant surprise. Being a free event, it is usually difficult to estimate how many will actually turn up on the night. Well, it was such that we had to go look for additional chairs for attendees and just about managed the space available!

It was great being amongst such a group of hungry people, all of whom were keen to discover their sense of direction, their sense of purpose; their sense of significance… Hearing and sharing how much we all struggle with similar human challenges also helped to highlight to all present that it is very normal; that we are not alone with our stuff and that we do not have to struggle alone – we can find support in healthy environments and healing relationships if we are open enough to find them and accept them when they come along.

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

I received help: with the venue; with the admin; with all the audio-visual bits; with moral support and more… I received help: from those who believe in me, those that root for me, and egg me on… I received help: from those that teach me, train me, mentor me and invest their time in me… For all of these and more, I am grateful. And as I receive, so will I continue also to give…

It was gratifying to hear all the lessons learnt, the revelations and shifts that came about for delegates, the actions they would take as a result of our spending that time together.

For me, that evening reinforced certain key learnings:

1. Whatever you feel you need to be doing (that is moral, legal and ethical of course!) go ahead and do just that: strip yourself of all the excuses, put in the necessary effort and step out into it. Do not wait to be perfect or for the circumstances to be perfect: perfection is a myth.

2. When you attend trainings, seminars and events and learn stuff, you actually need to put what you learn into practice, in your everyday life for it to make any significant difference to you and to the part of humanity you are meant to be serving. Otherwise it’s all just intellectual binge-eating with little to no actual nutritional value in everyday living.

3. I ‘forgot’ some of what I’d planned to say. So what? What I remembered was a lot more than what I forgot. And what about what I responded to in the moment that I hadn’t consciously prepared for? My participants received everything they needed to hear – that’s what matters.

4. You can choose which of the voices in your head that you pay attention to: you can choose to listen to the naysayers, rehearse the judgements and go into a meltdown. Or you can choose to listen to the voices that believe in you, your giftings, your potential, and rise to the next level of excellence for you.

So I got back home on Wednesday night, shattered, satisfied and gratified.

Until I sat down for a while and remembered that I couldn’t send my mum a text message to share this with her. That even if I did, she wouldn’t be able to answer back… Until I remembered, that if everything had gone according to plan, she’d have been at home here with me when I returned. She may have dropped off to sleep on the couch in front of the TV or while reading a book. In any case, she’d have awoken on my return, she’d have asked me how it went, we’d have had a chat over a pot of tea… an experience which now never will be… and that is very sad indeed…

My mum, Mrs S. E. Edah

My mum, Mrs S. E. Edah