Dear Blossom

Another long day which this time involved travelling from one end of London on the tube to the other. It was a good meeting. And a long commute.

That’s of course in addition to the normal day to day stuff (like having to deal with a broken washing machine and arrange a visit from the engineers; having unsolicited callers ring the door bell, sending Michael into a frenzy and taking delivery of the online shopping only to discover that about a third of the items have to go back. Yeah, normal stuff like that.)

Dear Blossom

Writing to Blossom

I am pretty tired tonight. And as my workshop is tomorrow, the earlier I begin to wind down, relax and rest, the better. . . Also, I have decided to take some time out over the next couple of days. I will be thinking of you and will write to you again on Friday night, after I’ve celebrated this week with a visit to Bridget Jones’s Baby.

In the interim, if anyone wants to write to you on my behalf, as a guest, all they need do is contact me and we can set it all up.

So, I’m off to chill for a bit. You look after yourself, and I leave you with the words of one of London Underground’s Inspirational Quotes Providers: See the Beauty in Everything. Begin with Yourself.

See the beauty in everything...

See the beauty in everything…