Lessons from Changing Colours, Changing Moods

Having sort of planned in my head to get a proper pedicure done (as opposed to the DIY variety) I eventually seized the moment recently.  The #1 lesson here is that without a concrete plan, your desires can simply remain dreams.

Yet, I know that I do not go through the goal setting action planning process for every single aspect of my life.  I love flexibility and spontaneity and I’ve got room for that in my life.  I have to.

So, lesson #2 is “know thyself”.  The more you know yourself, the more you can adapt what you learn from others to suit you.  If you don’t put it to work for you, what’s the point gathering all that information, all that learning?

So, anyway, on one of my errands recently to Stratford, East London, I’d  paid to park the car for 2 hours.  Surprisingly, I was done within 30 minutes.  I’d noticed a beauty salon as I walked to my destination earlier and I’d made a mental note to check it out on my way back.  I did.  But I needed an appointment. Which I didn’t have.  So the beautician kindly directly me to another salon, to see about a walk-in.

Lesson # 3: cooperation and collaboration is best for everyone’s health and wellbeing.  She wasn’t worried that she was sending business to her competition.  She was more interested in helping me find a way to meet my need.  What a blessing!  Who says business has to be cutthroat?  Who says life is all about competition?

The next salon happened to have had a cancellation.  So, there was room to attend to me immediately and be done within my car parking time frame.

So, we got the paraphernalia going.  I just wanted to chill, catch up on my emails, then read magazine articles etc.  My pedicurist, however, wanted to chat.  Of course, I obliged her.  And I’m glad I did, for we had a few laughs (with all the attendant benefits of laughter).  And although I had chosen ‘normal’ nail polish, as soon as she told me about those ones that changed with your moods, I was hooked.

Unfortunately, those weren’t in stock.  What they had though were the ones that changed with your body temperature.  Fascinated, I opted for them.  And just seeing how they changed depending on how hot or cold I felt, still fascinates me.  Sometimes I wonder whether I’m looking at my toe nails to determine how I feel or whether I’m checking in to see that the colours have changed to match my body temperature.  What I know for sure is that looking at them, even thinking about them brings a smile to my face.

Ah, the simple things.

The main lesson here: self-care doesn’t have to be one massive project.  It doesn’t have to be terribly expensive.  It doesn’t have to be rigidly planned.  Self-care activities can be simple and spontaneous.

How are you doing about caring for yourself today?


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